Rasta Impasta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

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Rasta Impasta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume

Whether you have a sweetheart and honey, or you just want to match with your best friend, be the cool duo that dresses up as a breakfast classic. Instead of forcing your sweetie to dress up as something cute and sassy, this couples costume is guaranteed to make others laugh and appreciate your sense of humor. There’s nothing better than a healthy meal of bacon and eggs. Most would agree that this balanced breakfast is the best start to any morning. Well now you can take the breakfast favorite and make it into the costume of your dreams! This costume is so easy to wear and it’s crazy funny! You’re practically guaranteed to win the costume contest with this bacon and egg couples costume. Don’t be afraid to dance and party around while wearing these costumes, they’re not delicate!

Best Features

Besides being downright funny, these costumes are easy to wear and super comfy. Since it’s just a large piece of fabric you throw over your head, you can choose what you wear under it. Pair it with pants and a long sleeve for the colder weather places, or wear a tank and shorts if you live where it’s warm! It’s super versatile and one size fits everyone. There’s no complex sizing, crossing your fingers and hoping it fits. This costume will easily fit anyone who wants to wear it.

What’s Included

When you purchase this costume, you get a bacon costume and an egg costume.


As I mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about sizing. This is often a concern when ordering something online. Because it’s a couples costume, you automatically match and don’t have to worry about putting different parts together and hoping it works. This costume is also super comfy. Since it’s just a piece of fabric you put over your clothes, you don’t have to worry about wearing something itchy, scratchy, of bulky all night long.


The structuring of this costume isn’t that great. It’s a budget friendly costume so because of that it isn’t the highest quality out there.

Final Verdict

For less than $30, you get a costume for both of you! This is a steal. The costume is also fun to wear and super funny. If you’re entering a couples costume contest, you’ll be surprised how many people will vote for you to win. Don’t stress out about having a cute and super unique couples costume, spend $20 and be done with it! Bacon and eggs are classic, funny, and super comfy. I would not hesitate to purchase these costumes and I recommend them to anyone looking for a good couples costume.

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